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    SQL backup non recoverable I/O error

    I am backup in a few SQL databases from different servers and they are all reporting (1) error stating:

    "21:05:50 I 1073741928 Established socket connection
    21:04:53 E 3271 Processed 172040 pages for database 'MillenniumBRGuest', file 'MillenniumBRGuest' on file 1.
    Processed 1 pages for database 'MillenniumBRGuest', file 'MillenniumBRGuest_log' on file 1.
    A nonrecoverable I/O error occurred on file "\\payprodsclient\sqldump\MillenniumBRGuest.19 :" 64(The specified network name is no longer available.).
    BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.
    SQL:declare @dbName nvarchar(255), @device nvarchar(512), @sqlstring nvarchar(1024) set @dbName = ? set @device = ? select @sqlstring = N'backup database [' + @dbName + N'] to ' + @device + N' with init ' exec (@sqlstring) (MillenniumBRGuest)"

    I am dumping to the dsclient and have not seen the I/O errors before.

    What could be causing the I/O error?

    I have checked the backup sets and they have completed successfully in the past. The last time was over a week ago.

    Thank you

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    looks like it couldn't see the share (\\payprodsclient\sqldump\MillenniumBRGuest.19), make sure the folder exists and that permissions are correct.
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    Grunt, i have verified that the "sqldump" folder is shared with full rights with for "everyone"

    I have asked the administrator of the company to check the share and he is able to see the share.

    Please let me know if there are any other items to check.

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    "everyone" does not include 'local system' or 'network service', both of which are accounts that sql likes to run as. If sql is running as a local account it will be unable to access network resources.
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    did this problem solved? i have the same issue on one of my customers. my first guess is also permissions and share availability

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