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    Hi All,

    After lengthy support sessions with Asigra yesterday, we found that an issue we were having was down to a bug in the latest Asigra patch for Windows DS-Clients. This patch has now been removed from the Asigra Web Portal but if you have it, remove it and take it out of your Auto-Upgrade repositories if it is there...

    The issue is that, when retention runs, it reduces the online number of generations to 2... regadless of the number of generations you have per set... As you will understand, this is a very serious issue and Asigra are currently working to fix the issue.

    I havent seen any notifications about this issue anywhere yet but the update was downloadable from 9th April, so someone other than myself must be suffering with this issue.

    Anyway, thats the heads up... if you have already rolled out this hotfix, the only real option is to suspend Retention activities and wait for a patch.


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