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09-22-2010, 02:38 PM
We are currently on deployment of 11TB shop with Oracle on Windows and Linux. Myself not knowing much about Oracle, looking through the docs it looks to be the most complex of all backups to get to work. Has anyone else deployed that have any tips? I'm hoping there will be an Oracle DBA to help me with this.

09-22-2010, 03:06 PM
Yes, it's quite a complex support matrix...

The Oracle Client(s) installed on the DSClient should be the same version as the Oracle Server that you are backing up. If the Oracle server is 32bit the recommendation is that the DSClient is 32bit aswell. On a linux based DSClient you have the option "Oracle-SBT", this option is there on a clean install and you don't have to install Oracle Client although i'm not sure about what Oracle Server(s) and OS that is supported.

The Windows installations I've done have been pretty straight forward, as long as you know what version(s) of Oracle you are dealing with.

1. Pick an OS that is supported for the Oracle Client, install DSClient, Oracle Client etc
2. Copy the correct .dll from the DSClient folder to the Oracle Server's %windir%\system32 folder
3. Fix the tnsnames.ora on the DSClient
4. Create a new backup set and hopefully it works...

Regards Tobias